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Francis Lightfoot

Francis Lightfoot


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crier Quotes "Aaaaragghahahravassshhvgargrunddregggrhdaaaa!" - Arnold Schwarzenegger -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feature Confusion Leads to Arrest as Man Exposes Himself at “Bottomless” Brunch SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Responding to a call shortly after 11:15 AM Saturday morning, police arrested local man Doug Geffen for exposing himself to fellow patrons and


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crier Quotes “Oh — Don’t be such a little b*tch about it, Adam” - Eve -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feature Watchdog Group Warns of Corruption as Guy Fieri Prepares to Celebrate Silver Jubilee as Emperor of Flavortown Via KOMO NEWS [] The Lede: On th


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crier Quotes “Gotta keep them pimp hands strong, baby.” - Bill Nye -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speed Reads Fireball Whiskey Announces All Purchases Will Come with Complementary Card Suggesting Other Bad Decisions Photo by Prabhavanth Chilukuri [] / Unsplash


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crier Quotes “Yes, hi, do you have any extra-thick floss?” - Michael Strahan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feature Economists Fear Consequences of Nearly 40-Year High in Inflation of Christmas Lawn Decorations Via [] /Amy ScottBOSTON, MA - Economi


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ‌Crier Quotes "Do you have any smaller shirts?" ‌‌- Vin Diesel            ‌ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feature Internal Documents Show Wolves Disproportionally Target Black Sheep The Lede: Released internal documents uncovered by an independently operated non-profit sheepdog organization reveal that while only making up 15% of sheep populations, black sheep


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crier Quotes “God damn! This weave is itchy as a motherf**ker” - Rapunzel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speed Reads New Poll Shows Majority of American Women Say Thickness, Not Size, of Pancakes More Satisfying Photo by Eyes Closed Cooking [] CINCINNATI, OH — After polling women exiting


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crier Quotes “Little closer …. Liiiiiiiittttlllleee closer…” - Lee Harvey Oswald -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feature Fountains of Shame The Lede: Citing multiple instances of harassment and psychological trauma, neighborhood renowned Stacy's Mom has decided to take legal action by filing for a restraining order Wednesday afternoon - Her legal team

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