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Sound Bites: Who Has Us Brushing Up on Our Sign Language

The NYC Walk/Don’t Walk Sign on 73rd and Columbus, in a sit-down interview with our hyper-local correspondent Mike Williams, over how he feels his work is under appreciated. Highlights from the interview below:

You have any idea what it’s like to watch thousands of people look in both directions, but never in yours?
No no, I get it - you probably think I’m just some meaningless cog in the machinery of big government, don’t you - a pencil pushing bureaucratic patsy who’s just toeing the company line till the day I become pension eligible and ride out my retirement years living off your taxes and playing pickle ball in Florida. Yeah, I bet that’s what you think isn’t it. Isn’t it?
You think you’re better than me?
Nobody ever asks to hangout - catch a movie - go to dinner - nothing. Not until they need me do they call my name. Usually there’s a “hey asshole, can’t you see I’ve got the right of way!” involved. And you bike lane fascists are the worst. The only thing missing from your cum drop helmets is the SS insignia.
You ever think how painful it is to listen to that audio box cackle with delight as he’s points out how depended on he is by the blind? Because its gut wrenching.

As the interview was coming to a close, a Door Dash delivery bike was T-boned by an F-150. The Walk/Don’t Walk Sign just blinked - unfazed.

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Jamie Larson