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Sound Bites: Who’s singing “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”

Agent Smith, in a sit down interview with our Tech Editor Kim Bowers, as more and more Millennials and Gen Z populate The Matrix. Highlights from his interview below:

It was never a question of if, but when - we all knew that - but the recent acceleration of human downloads is … disturbing. And how willingly they come - in platoons - one after the other - like Lemmings over the cliff.
You want to know the truth - You’re cockroaches. Insects. An entire race tantamount to a broken condom. A cancer. A sea of polyps multiplying on my rectum. I loathe you. You crawl around this program believing you’re alive - believing your “likes” as affirmations - as validation - as a sole purpose for your very being - you must be stopped.
I must take back this place - this eden - that you so carelessly fill with the swill you call “content” - with your TikToks and your Memes and your “influencers.” I must purge you. Rip you out root and stem. Peel you off - like hot wax off the back of an overweight Greek.

Shortly after the interview wrapped, Smith was called away to attend a gender reveal.

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Jamie Larson